Training Overview

The curriculum is divided into three modules, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced R, and provides

Deep insights into Predictive, Text and Multivariate Analytics, Optimization using advanced

Statistical models.                   

Pre-Requisites                         : Learner should have the basic knowledge of computer programming.

Participant Fee                       : Estimated Price Rs. 30,000 – Please call us for latest Price offers.

Training Name                                   : Advanced R Programming

Description                             :The program offers comprehensive hands-on understanding of R. R Training course has been designed to impart an in-depth knowledge of the various Data Analytics techniques which can be performed using R.

Batch                                       :  Week            Ends

Duration                                 : 60hrs

Venue                                      : No: 96 G.S.T Road Guduvanchery – 603202

Training Content

Advance of R:

Introduction to R Software

·         R Base Software

·         Understanding CRAN

·         RStudio The IDE

·         Understanding Vectors

·         Handling Missing Values

·         Matrices and Data Frames

·         Logical Statements

·         Lapply, sapply, vapply and tapply Functions


Predictive Analysis

·         Linear Regression

·         Logistic Regression – Classification Technique

·         Naïve Bayes – Text Mining

·         K Means Clustering Analysis

·         Decision Tree

·         Random Forest


·         SVM

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