1An Algorithm for Finding the Minimum Cost of Storing a Regenerating Datasets in Multiple CloudsJAVA/CLOUDIEEE 2018
2Heterogeneous Knowledge Transfer in Video Emotion Recognition, Attribution and Summarization. JAVA/CLOUDIEEE 2018
3Enabling Dynamic and Efficient Data Access Control in Cloud Computing Based on Attribute Certificate Management and CP-ABE.JAVA/CLOUDIEEE 2018
4Enabling Identity-Based Integrity Auditing and Data Sharing with Sensitive Information Hiding for Secure Cloud Storage.JAVA/CLOUDIEEE 2018
5Prediction Based Mobile Data Offloading in Mobile Cloud Computing.JAVA/CLOUDIEEE 2018
6Privacy Protection Smartcard Authentication Scheme in Cloud Computing.JAVA/CLOUDIEEE 2018
7A Differentiated Caching Mechanism to Enable Primary Storage Deduplication in Clouds.JAVA/CLOUDIEEE 2018
8Adaptive Resource Allocation and Provisioning in Multi-Service Cloud Environments.JAVA/CLOUDIEEE 2018
9Real-Time Big Data Computing for Internet of Things and Cyber Physical System Aided Medical Devices for Better Healthcare.JAVA/CLOUDIEEE 2018
10Semantic-aware Searching over Encrypted Data for Cloud Computing. JAVA/CLOUDIEEE 2018
11Analysis and Design of Synchronization for Heterogeneous Network. JAVA/DATA MININGIEEE 2018
12Privacy-preserving Indexing and Query Processing for Secure Dynamic Cloud StorageJAVA/DATA MININGIEEE 2018
13Fast and Flexible Selective Harmonic Extraction Methods Based on the Generalized Discrete Fourier TransformJAVA/DATA MININGIEEE 2018
14Novelty Indicator for Enhanced Prioritization of Predicted Gene Ontology Annotations.JAVA/DATA MININGIEEE 2018
15DPPred: An Effective Prediction Framework with Concise Discriminative PatternsJAVA/DATA MININGIEEE 2018
16Detecting Trivial Mutant Equivalences via Compiler Optimisations.JAVA/DATA MININGIEEE 2018
17Prevention of DDoS Attack through Harmonic Homogeneity Difference Mechanism on Traffic Flow.JAVA/NETWORK SECURITYIEEE 2018
18Privacy Preserving IP Traceback.JAVA/NETWORK SECURITYIEEE 2018
19Research on Key Technology of Network Security Situation Awareness of Private Cloud in Enterprises.JAVA/NETWORK SECURITYIEEE 2018
20Phishing-Aware: A Neuro-Fuzzy Approach for Anti-Phishing on Fog Networks.JAVA/NETWORK SECURITYIEEE 2018
21A Novel Deep Hybrid Recommender System Based on Auto-encoder with Neural Collaborative Filtering.JAVA/WEB MININGIEEE 2018
22Relevant Feedback Based Accurate and Intelligent Retrieval on Capturing User Intention for Personalized Websites. JAVA/WEB MININGIEEE 2018
23Joint Feature Selection and Classification for Multilabel Learning.JAVA/WEB MININGIEEE 2018
24Supervised Topic Modeling using Hierarchical Dirichlet Process-based Inverse Regression: Experiments on E-Commerce Applications.JAVA/WEB MININGIEEE 2018
25Identifying Objective and Subjective Words via Topic Modeling.JAVA/WEB MININGIEEE 2018
26When to Make a Topic Popular Again? A Temporal Model for Topic Re hotting Prediction in Online Social Networks.JAVA/WEB MININGIEEE 2018
27 Incorporating Diversity and Informativeness in Multiple-Instance Active Learning.JAVA/WEB MININGIEEE 2018
28Supervised and Unsupervised Aspect Category Detection for Sentiment Analysis With Co-Occurrence Data.JAVA/WEB MININGIEEE 2018
29Identifying Users With Alternate Behaviors of Lurking and Active Participation in Multilayer Social Networks.JAVA/WEB MININGIEEE 2018
30Whittle Index Policy for Crawling Ephemeral Content.JAVA/WEB MININGIEEE 2018
31Combining Full and Partial Haptic Guidance Improves Handwriting Skills Development.JAVA/REAL TIME SURVEILLANCE SECURITYIEEE 2018
32Heterogeneous Face Recognition by Margin-Based Cross-Modality Metric Learning.JAVA/REAL TIME SURVEILLANCE SECURITYIEEE 2018
33High-Order Temporal Correlation Model Learning for Time-Series Prediction.JAVA/REAL TIME SURVEILLANCE SECURITYIEEE 2018
34A Social-aware Group Formation Framework for Information Diffusion in Narrowband Internet of Things.JAVA/NETWORKSIEEE 2018
35ROOMMATEs: An Unsupervised Indoor Peer Discovery Approach for LTE D2D Communications. JAVA/NETWORKSIEEE 2018
36Node-Based Distributed Channel Access with Enhanced Delay Characteristics.JAVA/NETWORKSIEEE 2018
37Bandwidth Reservation Strategies for Scheduling Maximization in Dedicated Networks.JAVA/NETWORKSIEEE 2018
38Mitigating Interference in Content Delivery Networks by Spatial Signal Alignment: The Approach of Shot-Noise Ratio.JAVA/NETWORKSIEEE 2018
39Towards a Closed Form Second-Order Natural Scene Statistics Model.JAVA/IMAGE PROCESSINGIEEE 2018
40Fast Image Super-Resolution via Local Adaptive Gradient Field Sharpening Transform.JAVA/IMAGE PROCESSINGIEEE 2018
41 3D Reconstruction in the Presence of Glass and Mirrors by Acoustic and Visual Fusion.JAVA/IMAGE PROCESSINGIEEE 2018
42 Training Very Deep CNNs for General Non-Blind Deconvolution.JAVA/IMAGE PROCESSINGIEEE 2018
43Optimization of Web Service-Based Control System for Balance between Network Traffic and Delay. JAVA/WEB SERVICEIEEE 2018
44Security protecting Attribute-based Access Control Model for XML-based Electronic Health Record System.JAVA/WEB SERVICEIEEE 2018
45Enhancing Privacy and Security in Decentralizing Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption in Cloud Computing.JAVA/WEB SERVICEIEEE 2018
46Performance Modelling and Simulation of Three-Tier Applications in Cloud and Multi- Cloud Environments.JAVA/WEB SERVICEIEEE 2018
47Privacy in web service transactions: a tale of more than a decade of work.JAVA/WEB SERVICEIEEE 2018
48Scalable Online Convolutional Sparse Coding.JAVA/DISTRIBUTED NETWORKSIEEE 2018
49 Improving Secrecy via Extension to Regularized Channel Inversion Precoding.JAVA/DISTRIBUTED NETWORKSIEEE 2018
50Online Power Scheduling for Distributed Filtering Over an Energy-Limited Sensor Network.JAVA/DISTRIBUTED NETWORKSIEEE 2018
51A Multi-level Store Structure for Isolated Reserve Access in Obvious Computing.JAVA/DISTRIBUTED NETWORKSIEEE 2018
52 Evaluation of the Concept of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming of Light Field Video.JAVA/DISTRIBUTED NETWORKSIEEE 2018
53Collaborative Visual Cryptography Schemes.JAVA/VISUAL CRYPTOGRAPHYIEEE 2018
54An Efficient MSB Prediction-Based Method for High-Capacity Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images.JAVA/INFORMATION SECURITYIEEE 2018
55Asymptotically Optimum Perfect Universal Steganography of Finite Memory less Source.JAVA/INFORMATION SECURITYIEEE 2018
56Mutual Optimization of Range Detecting and Spread Power in Energy Harvesting-based Perceptive Radio Systems.JAVA/WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKIEEE 2018
57Network Topology Effects on the Detectability of Crossfire Attacks.JAVA/WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKIEEE 2018
58Comments on “Unreconciled Collisions Uncover Cloning Attacks in Anonymous RFID Systems”. JAVA/WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKIEEE 2018
59 Connectivity Analysis in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks Powered by Solar Energy.JAVA/WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKIEEE 2018
60A Lightweight Lattice-based Homomorphic Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation
Scheme for Smart Grid.
61TSCA: A Temporal-Spatial Real-Time Charging Scheduling Algorithm for On-Demand Architecture in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks.JAVA/WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKIEEE 2018
62Supervised Speech Separation Based on Deep Learning: An Overview.JAVA/ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEIEEE 2018
63Multichannel Blind Sound Source Separation using Spatial Covariance Model with Level and Time Differences and Non-Negative Matrix Factorization.JAVA/ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEIEEE 2018
64A Traffic Service Scheme for Delay Minimization in Multi-Layer UAV Networks.JAVA/INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEMSIEEE 2018
65Variance-Constrained State Estimation for Complex Networks With Randomly Varying Topologies. JAVA/INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEMSIEEE 2018
66 Cloud Established Virtual Somatic Intrusion Detection for Vehicles With Deep Learning.JAVA/INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEMSIEEE 2018
67Information Leakage-Aware Computer Aided Cyber-Physical Manufacturing.JAVA/INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEMSIEEE 2018
68Aggressive Policies and Historical Examination Involving Facebook Conversation Collections.JAVA/REAL TIME APPLICATION PROJECTSIEEE 2018
69Shadow Attacks based on Password Reuses: A Quantitative Empirical Analysis.JAVA/REAL TIME APPLICATION PROJECTSIEEE 2018
70Enhancing Dynamic Multi Mediator Presentation in E-Learning Atmosphere. JAVA/REAL TIME APPLICATION PROJECTSIEEE 2018



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