Training Overview

This DevOps Certification Training Course will prepare you for a career in DevOps, the fast-growing field that bridges the gap between software developers and operations. You’ll become en expert in the principles of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, inter-team collaboration and IT service agility, using modern DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet and Nagios. DevOps jobs are highly paid and in great demand, so start on your path today.

Pre-Requisites                                  :  Graduates (any discipline) /BCA /MCA/ B.E/ Diploma Holders.

Participant Fee                                 :  15000 /-

Training Name                                  :  Prince infotech Devops Certification

Description                                        : In this role, you’ll work collaboratively with software engineering to deploy and operate our systems. Help automate and streamline our operations and processes. Build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring and operations. And troubleshoot and resolve issues in our dev, test and production environments..

Weekend Batch                               :  Available

Training Time                                    :  2 hrs per day (Mon-Fri)

Duration                                              :  30hrs

Venue                                                  :  No:96 G.S.T Road Guduvanchery – 603202



Training Content:

Devops Course in Chennai Syllabus

Introduction to DevOps   (Duration: 02:00:00 hrs)

·         Define Devops

·         What is Devops

·         SDLC models,Lean,Agile

·         Why Devops?

·         History of Devops

·         Devops Stakeholders

·         Devops Goals

·         Important terminology

·         Devops perspective

·         Devops and Agile

·         Devops Tools

·         Configuration management

·         Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery

·         Introduction to Cloud computing   (Duration: 00:30:00 min)

·         What is cloud computing

·         Characteristics of cloud computing

·         Cloud implementation models

·         Cloud service models

·         Advantages of cloud computing

·         Concerns of cloud computing

·         Introduction to Virtualization   (Duration: 00:30:00 min)

·         What is Virtualization?

·         History of Virtualization

·         What is Hypervisor?

·         Types of Server Virtualization

·         Benefits of Virtualization

·         Important Virtualization products

·         Linux Administration   (Duration: 06:00:00 hrs)

·         A Linux Introduction

·         Open Source Philosophy

·         Distributions

·         Embedded Systems

·         Command Line Basics

·         Basic Shell

·         Command Line Syntax – ls

·         Command Line Syntax – $PATH, Case Sensitivity

·         Command Line Syntax – Basic Commands

·         Command Line Syntax – uname

·         Command Line Syntax – Command History, Command Completion

·         Command Line Syntax – cd and pwd

·         Shell Configuration Files

·         Variables – Environment / System Variables

·         Variables – User Defined

·         Globbing

·         Quoting

·         Formatting Commands

·         Working with Options

·         Using the Command Line to Get Help

·         Man

·         Info

·         locate, find, whereis, and using /usr/share/doc/

·         Exercise: Man Page Walkthrough

·         Exercise: Basic Command Line

·         Using Directories and Listing Files

·         The Linux File System

·         Files, Directories

·         Hidden Files and Directories

·         Home

·         Absolute and Relative Paths

·         Exercise: Maneuvering the Linux File System

·         Creating, Moving and Deleting Files

·         Files and Directories

·         Case Sensitivity

·         Simple Globbing and Quoting

·         The Power of the Command Line

·         Archiving Files on the Command Line

·         Files, Directories

·         Archives, Compression

·         Searching and Extracting Data from Files

·         Commands (Revisited)

·         Command Line Pipes

·         I/O Redirection

·         Regular Expressions

·         Exercise: Practicing with Pipes and Grep

·         Turning Commands into a Script

·         Basic Text Editing

·         Basic Shell Scripting

·         Basic Shell Scripting, Continued

·         Exercise: Using the vi Text Editor

·         Available

·         The Linux Operating System

·         Choosing an Operating System

·         Windows, Mac, and Linux Differences

·         Distribution Life Cycle Management

·         Understanding Computer Hardware

·         Hardware

·         Where Data is Stored

·         Kernel

·         Processes

·         syslog, klog, dmesg

·         /lib, /usr/lib, /etc, /var/log

·         Your Computer on the Network

·         Internet, Network, Routers

·         Domain Name Service and the Default Gateway (Network Router)

·         Network Configuration

·         Security and File Permissions

·         Basic Security and Identifying User Types

·         Root and Standard Users

·         System Users

·         Creating Users and Groups

·         User IDs

·         User Commands

·         Group Commands

·         Exercise: Managing User Accounts

·         Exercise: Creating User Groups

·         Managing File Permissions and Ownership

·         File/Directory Permissions and Owners

·         Special Directories and Files

·         Symbolic Links

·         System files, Special Files, and Sticky Bits

·         GIT: Version Control   (Duration: 02:00:00 hrs)



Version control systems

Local, Centralized and distributed

Installing Git


Installing on Linux

Installing on Windows

Initial setup

Git Essentials


Creating repository

Cloning, check-in and committing

Fetch pull and remote


Jenkins – Continuous Integration   (Duration: 15:00:00 hrs)

·         Introduction to Jenkins

·         CI/CD Concepts

·         Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

·         Quiz: CI/CD Concepts

·         Installing and Configuring Jenkins

·         Prerequisites

·         Jenkins Install

·         The Dashboard

·         User Management and Security

·         Adding a Jenkins Slave

·         Setting Up GitHub

·         Plugin Manager

·         Exercise: Install a Jenkins Master and Prerequisites

·         Exercise: Configuring Matrix-Based Security

·         Exercise: Add a Jenkins Slave

·         Exercise: Working with the Plugin Manager

·         Quiz: Installing and Configuring Jenkins

·         Projects

·         Freestyle Project Configuration

·         Source Code Management and the Git Plugin

·         Git Hooks and Other Build Triggers

·         Workspace Environment Variables

·         Parameterized Projects

·         Upstream/Downstream Projects and the Parameterized Trigger Plugin

·         Folders

·         Views

·         Exercise: Configure a Parameterized Freestyle Project?

·         Hands-on Labs: Configure a Jenkins Freestyle Project

·         Hands-on Labs: Jenkins Upstream and Downstream Projects with the Parameterized Trigger Plugin

·         Quiz: Projects

·         Pipelines

·         Our Java Pipeline Project

·         Docker Install

·         Installing and Configuring Ant

·         The Jenkins file

·         Configuring and Running a Pipeline

·         Artifacts and Fingerprints

·         Exercise: Build a Simple Pipeline Without SCM

·         Hands-on Labs: Configure a Jenkins Pipeline

·         Quiz: Pipelines

·         Testing With Jenkins

·         About Testing

·         Unit Testing with JUnit and Ant

·         Deploying to Apache

·         Functional Testing

·         Quiz: Testing With Jenkins

·         Pipeline Enhancements

·         Multi-branch Pipelines and Code Promotion

·         Tagging

·         Notifications

·         Shared Pipeline Libraries

·         Exercise: Configure Notifications in a Pipeline

·         Hands-on Labs: Configure a Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline

·         Quiz: Pipeline Enhancements

·         Advanced Jenkins Administration

·         The Jenkins CLI

·         The Jenkins REST API

·         Setting Up a Jenkins Master with Docker

·         Exercise: Using the Jenkins CLI

·         Exercise: Using the Jenkins REST API

·         Quiz: Advanced Jenkins Administration

·         Ansible   (Duration: 10:00:00 hrs)

·         Introduction to Ansible

·         Ansible Agentless Architecture

·         Installation

·         Ansible Inventories

·         Ansible Modules

·         Ansible Playbooks

·         Docker– Containers   (Duration: 02:00:00 hrs)



·         What is a Docker

·         Use case of Docker

·         Platforms for Docker

·         Dockers vs Virtualization



·         Docker Architecture.

·         Important Docker components

·         Understanding the Docker components



·         Installing Docker on Linux.

·         Understanding Installation of Docker on Windows.

·         Some Docker commands.

·         Provisioning


Docker Hub.

·         Downloading Docker images.

·         Running Docker images

·         Running commands in container.

·         Running multiple containers.

Custom images


·         Creating a custom image.

·         Running a container from the custom image.

·         Publishing the custom image.

Docker Networking


·         Accessing containers

·         Linking containers

·         Exposing container ports


·        Container Routing

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