Training Overview  :

Computer hardware professionals look after maintenance of system while networking involves joining or connecting two or more systems for sharing data and information. Thus, the professionals who are involved in R&D of computer hardware and networking are called as hardware networking engineers

Pre-Requisites                         : B.E/B.Tech, M.Tech, M.sc (electronics branches)

Participant Fee                      :  On Request 

Training Name                       :  HARDWARE AND NETWORKING

Description                             : Hardware and networking components are critical to the functioning of the IT industry and other verticals. Complementing each other functionally, data and information is distributed by linking group of networks using hardware components like switches, interface cards and networking cables. Skilled hardware professionals manage and maintain the hardware aspects while networking professionals with domain expertise, connect groups of computers for sending and receiving information.

Weekend Batch                     :   Available

Training Time                         :   2 hrs per day (MON – FRI)

Duration                                 :   6 Months

Venue                                     :   No: 96 G.S.T Road Guduvanchery – 603202




Training Content:

Computer Fundamentals

·         Introduction to computer hardware and networking

·         Basic components of PC, Laptop and Routers

·         Hardware configuration

·         Assembling a PC

·         Installing operating system trouble shooting of PC,Laptop

·         Network fundamentals and network configuration

·         Introduction to various types of cables and connectors used in networking

·         Introduction to networking and networking concepts

·         Repeaters, Hubs, Switches, Bridges, Routers

·         Installing the NIC Card, MAC Address

·         LAN Standards – Ethernet, Token Ring

·         LAN Practical’s

·         IP Addressing and IP Classes

·         TCP/IP Concepts and configuration of IP Address

·         Basic network troubleshooting

·         Basics of network security

Practical Syllabus

·         Installing OS,Applications

·         Troubleshooting pc, Laptops

·         Replacing Hardware parts in Computer and laptop

·         Chip level trouble shooting

·         Assembling new pc’s

·         Mother board Trouble shooting

·         Network configuration

·         Cisco Router Configuration



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