PERL Training in Guduvancheri

We are the best providers of PERL Training in Guduvancheri with expert guidance and fully interactive classes. Our training program is very much mixed both practical and interview point of questions. Perl is a high level programming language developed for the text manipulation. But, today, it is used for various tasks including web development, system administration, Bioinformatics, games, GUI development and network programming. The features of Perl are derived from various programming languages such as C, AWK, shell scripting and sed. Some of its major features are reference counting memory management, a wide collection of third party modules, built-in support for text processing, and support for numerous programming paradigms. Actually, the Perl structure was derived from the C language. It is procedural in nature with variables, expressions, assignment statements, brace-delimited blocks, subroutines, and control structures.


PERL Evolution

In 1987, Larry Wall developed the Perl language. In 1990, the Perl has become more popular worldwide, as a CGI scripting language. Perl® is not only used for CGI but also for system administration, finance, graphics programming and more. Due to its excellent power and flexibility, Perl is named as the Swiss Army chainsaw of scripting language. Some of the Perl features are also derived from the shell programming. Perl consists of many inbuilt functions, which provide tools that are used often in shell programming. Today, Perl® is available in different versions. All the versions do automatic memory management and automatic data typing. The Perl 5 comes with some added features, which supports first class functions; object oriented programming model and complex data structures. These include class-based method dispatch, packages, references and lexically scoped variables. Mostly, Perl is used as a glue language.


Our PERL Training

We are providers of best PERL Training institute in Chennai in-terms of quality syllabus and expert trainers. Our trainers are minimum having 9+ Exp in the specific technologies what they are taking classes here. And they much working in a company as a real-time employee. It will bring the perfect knowledge transfer to the seekers who are willing to learn the technology from an expert. Attend a free demo class to know more about our PERL® Training in Guduvancheri.


PERL Training Syllabus

Overview of Perl

What is Perl?

The Input Operator

Print / Printf Statements

Running Perl Programs

Sample Program

Another Sample Program

Yet another Example

Perl Variables

Three Data Types

Variable Names and Syntax

Variable Naming


Scalar and List Contexts

The Repetition Operator

Arrays and Hashes


Array Functions

The foreach Loop

The @ARGV Array

The grep Function

Array Slices


Hash Functions

Scalar and List Contexts Revisited

Quoting and Interpolation

String Literals


Array Substitution and Join

Backslashes and Single Quotes

Quotation Operators

Command Substitution

Here Documents

Conditional Statements

If Statements

If Else Statements

If Else if Statements

Nested If Statements

Switch Statements

Looping Statements

While Statements

Until Statements

For Statements

For Each Statements

Regular Expressions

Pattern Matching Overview

The Substitution Operator

Regular Expressions

Special Characters

Quantifiers (*, +, ?, {})

Assertions (^, $, \b, \B)





Overview of Subroutines

Passing Arguments

Private Variables

Returning Values

Files Handling

Overview of File I/

The open Function

The Input Operator

Default Input Operator

The print Function

Reading Directories

Packages and Modules


BEGIN and END Routines

require vs. use


The bless Function

Database Connectivity

Using DBI

Fetching output of the Query through Perl

Running other DB queries.

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