Python Training In Guduvancheri

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Why Python?

Python has been one of the most flexible and powerful open-source programming languages that are easy to learn. Python is widely used because of its powerful libraries for data mining and analysis. Python has been used in scientific computing and highly quantitative domains such as finance, banking, and signal processing. A large number of organizations are migrating and transitioning to Python. Dropbox, Zenefits, Evernote, Gartner, New York University, General Electric, Google, Citi, Toyota, Juniper Networks, BuzzFeed, WebMD and Nasdaq are some of the companies using Python extensively. Google engineers are heavily using Python and the company is constantly looking for people with good skills in Python. Python course at Prince Infotech will cover both basic and advanced concepts of Python like writing python scripts, sequence and file operations in python, writing Classes in Python, using Django framework with Python.


Python programming language has advanced data structures and effective object-oriented programming concept that allows the developers to write concepts in fewer links than other programming languages. The simple syntax and dynamic typing feature make python as ideal programming language for scripting and rapid application development in many platforms. This programming language is used in leading companies like Google, Yahoo, CERN and even in NASA. If you are new or just need brush-up with python programming language, you can consider taking Python Training in Guduvancheri at Prince Infotech.


Python programming language supports multiple programming models such as imperative and functional programming, object oriented or procedural styles. This programming language also features automatic memory management, dynamic type system and also features inclusive libraries. Being an open source platform, python programing language is used everywhere. It increases the career prospects of python developers.


Course Objective

Students will:

Master the Basic and Advanced Programming in Python

Understand Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows environments

Familiarity with Python Editors & popular IDEs

Master how to use and create functions in Python

Proficient in File Handling in Python

Perform string manipulations

Master working with packages

Strong understanding of Classes

Understand Django framework


Python Course Syllabus

Chapter 1: Introduction to Python

What is Python and history of Python?

Unique features of Python

Python-2 and Python-3 differences

Install Python and Environment Setup

First Python Program

Python Identifiers, Keywords and Indentation

Comments and document interlude in Python

Command line arguments

Getting User Input

Python Basic Data Types

What are variables?

Chapter 2: List, Ranges & Tuples in Python


Lists in Python

More about Lists

Understanding Iterators

Generators, Comprehensions and Lambda Expressions

Understanding and using Ranges

Chapter 3: Python Dictionaries and Sets

Introduction to the section

Python Dictionaries

More on Dictionaries


Python Sets Examples

Chapter 4: Input and Output In Python

Reading and writing text files

Writing Text Files

Appending to Files and Challenge

Writing Binary Files Manually

Using Pickle to Write Binary Files

Chapter 5: Python Functions

Python user defined functions

Python packages functions

Defining and calling Function

The anonymous Functions

Loops and statement in Python

Python Modules & Packages

Chapter 6: Python Object Oriented

Overview of OOP

Creating Classes and Objects

Accessing attributes

Built-In Class Attributes

Destroying Objects

Chapter 7: Python Exceptions Handling

What is Exception?

Handling an exception


try-finally clause

Argument of an Exception

Python Standard Exceptions

Raising an exceptions

User-Defined Exceptions

Chapter 8: Python Regular Expressions

What are regular expressions?

The match Function

The search Function

Matching vs searching

Search and Replace

Extended Regular Expressions


Chapter 9: Useful Additions

Collections – namedtuples, default dicts

Debugging and breakpoints

Using IDEs

Matching vs searching

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