TALLY Syllabus

Introduction And Company – Introduction to Tally ERP9 – Opening Scren,Gateway Of Tally – Use Of Company Info Menu – Selecting, Altering & Deleting A Company Accounting Info, Introduction Of Tally -Introduction About Groups – Inventory, Introduction To Stock Groups, Introduction To Units – Introduction About Stock Items – Multi Currency, Creating And Altering – Currencies, Creating Vouchers – Creation Of Godowns – Creating Stock Item Balances For Voucher Entry, Creating Voucher – Introduction To Price List – Enabling Price List, Creating Price List – Creating Different Types Of Sales – Payroll, Creating Units, Employee – Category, Employee Group – Pay Heads And Salary Details – Use Of Security Control – Enabling Security Control – Creating Username and Passwords – Value Added Tax – Creating Ledgers for VAT – Creating Stock Items For VAT – Creating Vouchers – Service TAX – Collected At Source – Creation Of Ledgers For Tax – Collected At Source Fringe Benefit Tax – Creating Ledgers Fringe – Spitting Tax Payment Entries – Tally .net Features – Connecting Company With Internet – Accessing Company As A Remote User – Cost Centres And Catogories – Creating Costs Centres And Categories – Vouchers With Cost Centres & Categories.


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